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BSDS 002 – Decision

About a month has passed since I came to this world. I say about, because I haven’t kept an exact calendar of my time here. For the first ten days or so, I didn’t even bother counting them. After all, I had thought that I’d be leaving this place in a day or so, moving on to someplace new. I had no idea after I made my first bed that nearly a month would pass.

On the other hand, there are many things I learned this past month. Probably the most important is the growth of my parameters. For example, dexterity. It was originally displayed as 39 (94). By making a place to sleep and modifying the timber I’d picked up, the number in parenthesis increased by one each time, until it reached 100 and my level grew to 40. …In other words, the value in parenthesis represents my experience towards advancing to the next level.

Performing actions that affect a parameter causes the experience value to increase, and when it hits 100 I gain 1 point to the original parameter. It is an exceedingly simple system, but after figuring it out I spent a long time researching what actions would affect what parameters.

As a result, I learned that the key to Strength, Endurance, Agility and Dexterity, were simple actions, and thus these parameters were fairly straightforward to increase. On the other hand, raising experience through the same actions leads to lower and lower returns. Every time the same action is performed, I realized that the efficiency of growth also decreases little by little.

For example, if I did one pushup, then my Strength experience would increase by 1, but then I would need to do two pushups to increase by 1, then three pushups, and so on.

The more exaggerated the action, the greater the experience increase, which eventually leads to a higher degree of difficulty in increasing the parameter further. Considering my fortitude which was high in the first place, I was able to increase the experience a tiny amount by meditating, but now no matter what I do it doesn’t budge.

It would seem this is also true not only for parameters with the parenthesis, but also for things like HP, as the cap can be increased through actions as well. Differing from the other skill parameters, the value actually decreases if I do something like run around. However, after repetitively lowering my HP the experience seems to increase (though I can’t see it), and without me realizing it my HP cap had increased.

It’s nothing more than my own guess, but the possibility it’s the same as the other skills seems high. It does seem though that finding the right action to increase experience for this skill is difficult. As for Sleep Resistance, it seems like refusing to let myself sleep will increase it, though if I went too far it would affect my health, and there is no real reason right now to try and raise it. In the first place, as I have yet to see a doctor, if I were ever to get sick or injured, the risk of me fatally succumbing to a cold is high. While it does appear that I have injury and sickness resistance skills, I might be better off putting them aside for now.

Over the past month, not only did I come to discover many things, but there were also changes as well. The easiest change to notice was in my appearance. Looking at my indistinct reflection on the surface of the river, I can make out my appearance. What I see is a growing beard, and an exhausted-looking man in a business suit. I had set aside time to wash my suit in the river, but as expected it gets dirty with everyday use, and tears when it snags on branches. As for the beard… While I never considered mine to be particularly thick… I looked like a barbarian. I don’t want to believe this face is mine.

After seeing how I’d changed, I spent the past week preparing to leave this place. I said preparing, but really it was mainly ensuring I had enough food, made difficult by the fact that the only method I had for carrying supplies was in my suit pockets; thus I set about weaving grass and branches together to create a makeshift basket I could use to store supplies in. …I shouldn’t have to mention that yes, I obtained the weaving skill.

The most concerning thing now was how to ensure I’d have water. Unfortunately, water wouldn’t do well in a basket. Thus, left with no other option I decided to walk along the riverbank. In other words, the only direction I could choose to take was upstream or downstream. In that case, I chose to proceed downstream. In my own world, towns and villages tended to congregate downstream. Upstream was usually undeveloped land. If so, then choosing the safest route is obviously better.

On the other hand, going downstream means there is one thing I need to overcome. I’m going to have to walk through the forest.

A forest was spread-out in the downstream direction of the river, which meandered its way through. This past month, I had definitely noticed the forest’s existence, but had kept myself from stepping foot inside. The reason was that I had sensed a presence from within the forest, and at night had often heard the rustlings of something creeping about.

But this day, I made up my mind and decided to make my way through the forest. If I stayed in the same place forever, I would never break free of my situation. There was a high risk involved in entering the forest, but the possibility of discovering something new was just as high. Of course the best thing that could happen, would be to discover a human settlement or town, but even if I didn’t…you can’t gain without a little risk. Considering that well-used expression from my own world, I proceeded on in silence.

It was difficult walking through the forest in my leather shoes. But even so, I wanted to pass through this forest while the sun was still out.

At first, I was able to proceed smoothly downstream. Though all I did was just walk along the riverbank. There were a few places where the forest vegetation encroached upon the riverbank, and while footing may not have been the best, it wasn’t impossible to walk along. Of course, compared with the open plains, the going was much slower. After entering the forest and walking for about two hours, I came to a small clearing.

There was a lake, but no particular animals in sight; the surface of the water was very beautiful. I felt I had come quite deep into the forest by now, and it wouldn’t be strange if a bear or two were to appear.

Almost by accident, I spotted a hole along the lakeside, practically a cave. Considering the location, I had a hard time believing it had been formed naturally.

Wonder what that is? I’m getting a bad feeling.

I checked what I had on me. Besides the basket with supplies, I had a rather thick tree branch both for making my way through the underbrush, and for use as a weapon, as I had sharpened the point. Checking its status, I could see it was defined as a Wooden Cudgel (Attack +3, Penetration +1).

Carefully, as not to make a sound, I approached the cave-like hole. After I had come quite close, I decided there was no presence hiding within. Tightening my grip on the cudgel, I took a deep breath before quickly moving my head to take a look inside.

“There’s…nothing here.”

Letting my nerves relax a little I examined the cave, though it was dark and hard to see clearly. There didn’t seem to be anything inside. However, there was no doubt this cave was the resting place of something. The nest of grass and branches laid out over the ground told me that much. There wasn’t much difference between this, and the bed I had used over the past month.

Unable to glean anything other than that this was someone’s bed, I started to head out. There was, of course, the option of staying inside, but I have no idea when its resident would be returning. In the first place, I had no way of knowing who lived here, and if I remained until the sun went down the likelihood of its resident returning just gets higher, which would probably mean danger for myself.

While maintaining vigilance in searching for signs of life, I continued slowly making my way out. Unable to detect any indication of another living creature, I left the cave and walked on for another five minutes. That’s when it happened.


“Holy Shi…!?”

From the shadow of a tree on my left, the sudden sound of a dog growling assaulted my ears, before something like a piece of wood came crashing down at me. Unable to raise my own cudgel gripped in my right hand in time, I took the blow full on with my bare left arm.


A sharp pain ran along my left arm, as fresh blood splattered out from a tear in my business suit.

It was so sudden, I was in shock. Before me stood a two-legged monster with the head of a canine. The dog-like creature held a thorny club, and I had been bludgeoned by it. Just the look of the thorny weapon seemed painful, while the blow itself had caused my left arm to go entirely numb.

“Not good――!”

My pulse-rate increased rapidly, and sweat began trickling down my skin. I tried mimicking a fighting pose and making a feint, but the creature barely paused before coming at me again.

There was a loud thwack! as the two cudgels met each other. Good, it seems I was able to block the second attack. This calmed me down some, and before I realized it I was examining the beast. No matter how I thought about, this was a creature that didn’t exist in my world.

It’s not like I was actively trying to view its status, but just when I examined the creature it activated. Thank goodness it did too, as the information displayed helped calm me down.

After all, its stats were lower than mine. What’s more, in most fantasy games the kobold had a high spawn count and was known as one of the trash mob monsters. It was often ranked lower than even the goblin trash mobs.

Taking care to make sure I didn’t create any openings, I slowly closed the distance between myself and the red kobold. The red kobold let out another dog-like snarl as it raised its club and charged. But I moved even faster. Clang! After this mighty sound, the red kobold lost its grip, and the weapon dropped to the ground. My cudgel had delivered a blow to its hand. Continuing the offensive, I set myself up to deliver a powerful blow. The red kobold began whimpering like a beaten dog.

I can do this!

With that thought running through my mind, I attacked. The red kobold’s HP dropped chunk after chunk.

But out of nowhere a powerful blow to the back of my head took me by surprise, and I was blinded by darkness for half a heartbeat. It was simple. I hadn’t noticed another one approaching as I was busy dealing blow after blow to the kobold in front of me. Because of that, I had faltered in keeping aware of my surroundings, which resulted in me taking the powerful blow to the back of the head.

I pulled myself together and put my all into keeping myself from fainting. I managed to connect my cudgel with the kobold in front of me, and as though that were the fatal blow, it fell down onto the ground. Staggering, I managed to swing myself around to face my other attacker. Somehow, I was able to fend off the cudgel that came flying down at me, before slamming my own weapon into its face.

Not good…I’m gonna faint…

I began to feel that my vision was rapidly darkening. I was bleeding from my arms, my head and my back. The attack to the back of my head especially was causing me trouble. Even so, if I were to lose consciousness here I knew I’d be dead.

The remaining second kobold, saliva spraying from its large maw, came charging at me full tilt. Hazily, I managed to block the charge before flinging my body forward to crash into my opponent.

Somehow seated now upon the kobold’s chest, I aimed my sharpened stick at the beast, and thrust with all my might. There was some resistance, but soon I felt the cudgel slide down into its chest and the red kobold let out a guttural scream. As if on cue, I was covered by the spray of fresh blood. There was some struggling for a few moments afterwards, but its movements soon ceased.

I killed it…

Even though my life had been in danger, I recognized that I had just killed two living creatures. It was fresh and vivid, especially as I was still covered in warm blood.

For the moment, my life was free from immediate danger. I wanted to congratulate myself on maintaining consciousness until the end. But, the real problem was what to do next…

Sadly, I was in no condition to move away and continue exploring. My wounds were especially deep. I was still bleeding, and it felt like any moment I could lose consciousness. I checked my status reflexively, and the moment I confirmed what was written there my legs gave out.

I had done well til now… But it would seem I am unable to keep myself from sliding into unconsciousness.

I felt myself sliding away…, and prayed that this was all just a dream.

Thank you all for deciding to read my translation of Beauty, Sage and the Devil’s Sword!

We finally got to see some action, and wow…I still have shivers from thinking about the battle. And that was just with some low-rank trash mobs! Poor guy…

I know I said it would take me a few days for the next release, but I kind of got addicted to this with all you guys’ comments and support 😉


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