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BSDS 003 – Church

――Something soft and gentle was caressing my cheek.

It’s very different from the other times I lost consciousness. The issue now was that I wanted to continue to feel this sensation, continue to remain asleep――

After a moment of hesitation, I slowly opened my eyes.

“――Thank goodness. You’re conscious again.”

I was abruptly greeted by a voice to my side. It sounded like a young girl. I didn’t have a clue who it was though.

It seems I had been laid down on a bed. These past few weeks I had completely forgotten how it feels to sleep on a bed. I missed not having to deal with the ruggedness at my back. Trying to twist my head to face the direction the voice had come from, a sharp pain assaulted the back of my head. ――That’s right, I almost forgot I’d been dealt a blow to my head.

Screwing up my face, I tried to check the back of my head by lifting my left hand. However, it seemed my hand was much heavier than usual. Actually, it wasn’t even moving.

“――Please rest. Your wounds have nearly healed, but it’s not like you’re fully recovered yet. Also, your left arm is broken you know――”

Taking care this time, I again tilted my head towards the voice.

There was a young girl with green hair standing beside me――

I would guess she was in her early teens. Her green hair was long, and she had a pretty face. She was garbed in what I could only describe as some religious habit. For the record, I’d yet to see any priests in this world.

“Can you――speak?”


My reply was simple and direct. And with it, the girl’s expression immediately brightened.

“I’m so glad! You had collapsed by Kobold Lake in the Forest of Lumen――do you remember that?”

I had no idea what the Forest of Lumen or Kobold Lake were, but there was no mistaking I had been knocked out.

“Yeah, I remember vaguely getting done in. ――Did you, help me out?”

The green-haired young girl shook her head at my question.

“Oh no, the one who took you to safety was the Father for this Church of Clancy, Father Rodney. All I did was look after you once he’d brought you in.

“I see――”

“My name is Aslina, and I help take care of the Church here. Do you know your own name?”

“My name is――Kei…Arakawa. Either way, you have my thanks for looking after me.”

“Not at all…You’re called Kei Arakawa? That’s a name I can’t say I’ve heard before.”

――I wonder if it would have been better not to give my name? I’ve heard that even in my own world, since ancient times, only the nobility had family names. Maybe I should have taken care when introducing myself.

In an effort to move the conversation along, I opened my mouth to speak.

“I’ve come from a long way off. ――By the way, if it’s not too much I have a few questions I’d like to ask?”

Aslina responded to my wish with a big smile. She was that kind of girl whose smile was very charming.

“Please, go ahead.”

“As you can see, I’ve hit my head and so my memories are a little fuddled――so I might ask something very simple or stupid, and I would appreciate it you could bear with me.”

“Of course, that’s no trouble at all.”

“First, did I wake up right after being helped, or have I been asleep this whole time?”

To my question, Aslina’s response was concise and clear.

“Since Father Rodney picked you up and brought you to this Church, three days have passed. You have been asleep this whole time.”

“So I’ve been asleep for three days… Then here’s my next question. ――Could you fill me in on where this is, exactly?”

As though she had predicted I would ask this, she smiled softly before responding.

“This is the town of Charis. It is a town situated along the north-east of Harland, and the Forest of Lumen spreads out to the west. There are many rivers and lakes in the forest, among them Kobold Lake, which is where you were found. As the name suggests, the Kobold Lake is home to the dens of Kobolds, and therefore is very dangerous, which is why people don’t get close.”

The response was very detailed. Considering just how easy-to-understand it all was, it would appear that this girl, Aslina, not only had a pretty figure, but was also quite intelligent. However, I had no idea what Harland was referring to, though I guessed it was the name of a kingdom or continent――

“If I had collapsed in a place people don’t usually visit, then how was I found?”

It was a point that I felt uneasy about, so I asked Aslina.

“As I mentioned before, Father Rodney, the Priest for this Church of Clancy, found you. A few days ago, Father Rodney headed into the forest all of a sudden, saying “I detected Clancy’s presence within the Forest of Lumen.” I head that he found you beside Kobold Lake.  There were signs that someone had fought against two ferocious red kobolds, and you were in a perilous situation.”

――What’s with this feeling… After being found, I should only have gratitude at being saved――but there was just something I couldn’t wrap my head around. Hiding it, I asked Aslina where the Church’s Priest was at the moment.

“I see…so where would Father Rodney be at the moment then?”

“He is out at present, but should be back by evening. ――Now, since you haven’t eaten anything for three days let me bring you some food. After eating, don’t push yourself and take time to rest again.”

“Alright. Thank you very much for answering my questions.”

With those honest words, Aslina grinned widely again before standing up. Looking at her back as she walked away, I looked at her.

Fifteen, huh…Also, while it’s only level 1, she has recovery magic. Maybe it’s because of the light attribute she can use it.

Also, while she is a priest-in-training, it stands to reason that since the first person I met could use magic, magic should be fairly common in this world. With a parameter for MP in her status, it wouldn’t be shocking to learn that many people could use magic――

A short time later, Aslina returned carrying some food. It was my first meal in several days, and there was soup too. It was lukewarm, but drinking it I could feel it flow down all the way to my stomach.


“Just Aslina is fine.”

At that, she giggled prettily.

“I see. Thanks. ――In that case, Aslina. There are a few more questions I have, if it isn’t too much trouble?”

“Not at all, I don’t mind. But please don’t push yourself.”

At that, I responded with a simple “Of course”.

It felt like we had been talking for a long time. Actually, Aslina was the only one who had been talking constantly. All I did was interject another question here and there. It was thanks to Aslina that I was able to ask all sorts of questions, and learn a great deal.

First, Harland was the name of a kingdom, which I was currently in. It was a kingdom, which meant there was a king, princes and princesses. The caste system was prevalent here, and it seemed along with nobles, there were also slaves.

Clancy was the name of the God this Church worshipped. It seemed there were several other Gods, with Churches worshipping the various deities scattered all over.

As for magic, it seemed people had affinities, with approximately every person in four having the ability to use it. Thus people that could use magic were no rarity. But, it was impossible to use magic that didn’t match with your own affinity. ――Actually, it would be more accurate to say you couldn’t use magic that opposed your affinity.

For example, if you had an affinity for fire magic, then you would be unable to use water magic. If you could use light magic, then you couldn’t use shadow magic. Having an attribute meant being compatible with that attribute, and while that meant stronger magic regarding said attribute, it also meant that an opposing attribute was your weakness.

While it seemed there was a decent number of people who could use two magic attributes, those who could use three were extremely few. As for those who could use four types, it was considered rare even among those of the Imperial Magician calibre.

Information about one’s own class and attributes could be obtained from the town’s guild, but it seems that was not free, and had a cost associated with it――

Changing the topic to money, I haven’t got any. While it appears that general treatment at a Church takes money… If I were asked to pay, things would really get complicated… But, when I brought it up to Aslina, she told me not to worry about it.

A question I was really curious about and confronted Aslina with was,

“What does someone have to do if they want to use magic?”

Her response was that “As long as there is an affinity, and you work out how to mould magic, you can use it.” It was hard to grasp, so I decided to have her lecture me on it after I had recovered.

Organizing all the information I had received, I started to doze off. As my body still ached, it seemed it would be best not to push myself. For now, I would like to meet with Father Rodney. So, I should focus on recovering. Everything could start after that.

Rodney returned to the Church in the evening, just as Aslina had said.

“I am very glad you’re conscious again.”

He wore spectacles, was tall with long hair, and had a slender build. The slender, elegant types weren’t my strong suit, but I smiled as he seemed sincerely glad.

“It seems you saved me from a life-threatening situation, and for that you have my thanks.”

At my gratitude, Rodney smiled gently.

“Not at all, not at all. I am glad you have been able to recover. I assume you have already heard from Aslina――regarding how I found you?”

“Yes, I have been told. Father Rodney, do you always wander into the forest alone?”

At the question, he grinned widely, nodding.

“Part of my job is to keep an eye on the goings-on in the forest. ――Though, it’s not like I watch it every day you know.”

“I see. Then the fact that you found me in such a dangerous location―― I suppose I really am lucky then.”

“Perhaps so. I’m sure it is the will of Clancy. ――By the way, you were really in dire straights, so I’m relieved you are able to converse normally.”

“Even though I don’t have any money, it looks like I’ll be causing you trouble until I’ve healed. I’m really sorry for all this.”

“Oh no, no trouble at all. Our teachings at this Church aren’t so close-minded as to throw an injured person out on the streets.”

With those words, Rodney activated some kind of magic towards me. A blue light surrounded me, and the pain in the back of my head subsided some.

“I hate to admit it, but my magic can’t heal you completely. From here on, we’ll have to rely on your own self-recovery. Please rest until then.

“I understand. And thank you again.”

Smiling again, Rodney stood up and turned to head out. As though drawn by something unseen, I looked at his back.

Level 42! So strong!!

――Well, he’d have to be I guess, wandering around inside that forest.

What’s more, almost everything is listed as “unknown”. It seems my ability can’t identify everything; there are some things I can’t see.

I wonder if this has to do with my own status, or the strength of the one I was observing; something like that affecting what I could see. While his attribute was unknown, I noticed from his skills he could use water magic. So, it should be safe to assume that he doesn’t have an affinity for water’s opposite, the fire attribute.

All of a sudden, Rodney, who had been showing me his back, turned around just before stepping out of the room. I had been engrossed in checking his stats, and whether he was aware or not, he gave a small smile.

“Okay now, you need to rest.”

At the sound of his voice, which seemed to be laced with authority, I moved my gaze away from his status and replied with a simple “Yeah,” before falling back onto the bed.

After he left the room I considered all the information I had just gathered, and thought about what I should do next.



Phew, Part 1 Chapter 3 of the Charis Arc is completed! This one took me around 3 hours, so I got up early to get it out. Sorry there were no translations yesterday, I had RL attack me in full.

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