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ORC 01 – Setting Off

This novel randomly showed up in my Kindle bookshelf, and I was like WTF?
Then, after taking a closer look…I was hooked, lol…m(_ _)m

However, this novel does have seriously explicit adult scenes.
You have been forewarned!

A horrific pigface. A fat body. A smell so bad you can’t come within three meters.

That’s an orc. A pigman. Even though the only similarities with man is that they walk on two legs, and have a pole dangling between their legs, they are still called pigmen.

The way I see it, we’re called pigmen because we’re true to our desires. Scary, humans.

I was born to the orc race, whose heads were half filled with lustful thoughts, the other half with thoughts of food; but unlike my father, I’m able to think about things other than just lust and food.

This has allowed me to really expand my mind. However, as the basis for my knowledge comes from the things carried by humans my companions have abducted, I can’t say I’m particularly intelligent.

Now then, right now I was standing before a prison used to hold humans. The rusted iron bars looked filthy, and I hesitated to touch them, though I could if the need was great enough. The real problem was the stench.

Half of an orc’s thoughts were filled with lust. So, obviously, they were always walking around with a fire burning between their legs. But sadly, no bitches were born to orcs. In that case, how was that lust satiated?

There was only one answer. It had to be brought in from outside. Brought in and locked up inside the jail, which was only opened for a rush of brutish violence.

I myself was a little exasperated at my own race’s lustful nature.

The bitches brought in were assaulted every day, so they had no energy to escape. Though, the bigger issue was the mental instability that each bitch showed from being raped by beasts with pigfaces.

Oh, excuse me. I shouldn’t keep calling them bitches. Women. Human women.

Orcs are stupid, so they never notice when the jail is empty, until they go in to satiate their desires. So, I would await my chance, and free the human women.

Unlike my companions, I wasn’t driven crazy with lust. Well, sure the intoxicating figure of a luscious women would make me throb…

But, forcing oneself upon another was not the gentlemanly way.



I had found a certain picture book among the belongings of a human that had been brought back one day. The book had depicted what it was to be a true gentleman. Silk hat and a tailcoat. Due to my race, I was too large for these things, but I still decided on becoming a gentlemen, at least in mind.

That’s why I reached out to help women in need.

The crouched, naked woman looked up as I entered, her expression seeming to say ‘again?’, before resignation took over. Her body was covered in sticky fluid. It was pitiable.

There were no chains or manacles, as orcs were stupid. It was actually surprising they had the mental capacity to even use a jail.

The woman was alone, half fearful, half resigned. She slowly made her way out of the corner she’d been crouching in. The brutality of the other orcs had long since taught her resistance was futile.

Her tanned, luscious figure was very tantalizing…but I was a gentleman. As the woman approached, I covered her in an old, worn cloth. I wanted to give her some proper clothes, but the other lust-crazed beasts had destroyed them, as they would only get in the way of things. I had washed the cloth ahead of time, so it didn’t smell too bad.

“I don’t have any nice clothes, so you’ll have to make do with this.”


As though it was her first time seeing an orc speak, she showed a startled expression. I had practiced hard to be able to speak intelligibly. When I had helped a woman before and tried to speak, it had been unintelligible, and I ended up terrifying her.

“Now’s your chance, while the rest of the orcs are sleeping. Quickly now.”

I held both of my hands up, to show I wasn’t hostile, though she continued to glare at me suspiciously. It was the obvious response, but as I had spent so long learning how to speak, it was a little disheartening.

It seemed she was suspicious of a trap, but after waiting for me to make a move, which I didn’t, she eventually headed out. It felt like I’d come one step closer to becoming a gentleman.

I watched her until her tanned skin faded from view, then went to pick up my beloved spear, which I had set against the jail wall.

Now it was time to help the broken ones.



The sharp scent of iron stung my nose, but I was used to it by now.

As I went around saving the women whose minds had been broken, I performed acts of revenge for them on the orcs that had tormented them so, before leaving the den.

As I had already made preparations to leave, I was set to begin my independent life.

Different from the other sex-crazed orcs, I was aiming to be an orc gentleman.



Leaving the den which had been my home, I walked into the forest.

I had come here many times before to hunt for meat, but it was the dwelling place of a very difficult race.


They were long-eared, beautifully enticing creatures who could inflame an orc to passion more than any other race.

They lived and died with the forest, and their females hated orcs with a vengeance, loosing arrows at the mere sight of one.

Though, this was a perfectly logical outcome.

For orcs, elves were the epitome of our lustful desires. Because of that, if an elf was caught alone by an orc, they would, without fail, be brought back to the den. Certainly I would never do such a thing, but orcs were orcs, and I was their sworn enemy.

So I draped a forest-green cloak over my shoulders, and pulled the cowl up to hide my face. As it was the dead of night, this should be enough to camouflage me.

After I had walked for some time, I noticed something lying against the trunk of a tree. Coming closer, I saw it was an elf girl, collapsed on the ground.

As it was dark I had trouble making out her features, but those pointed ears were unmistakable. I reached out to touch her, trying not to look at her face if I could avoid it. She was breathing.

That’s when I noticed it.

One of her ears was torn halfway off.

For elves, their pointed ears were the only means of collecting magical energy; the pride of their race. An elf without even one of their ears was driven from the community.

Most likely, this girl had been driven from her enclave after her ear had been ripped apart. They were an exclusive race, strict on outsiders as well as their own. They were perfectly capable of ostracizing one of their companions who developed a defect like being unable to use magic, or losing an ear. From the look of things, this girl’s ear had been injured this morning, as the wound still appeared painfully fresh. Even so, the elves who were supposed to be her friends had not only refused to heal her, but had gone so far as to chase her out.

But that wasn’t all.

As I drew her close so I could treat her ear, she stirred as though in pain. With a growing suspicion I took a closer look, realizing with shock she had fractured bones all over her body.

The elves who were supposed to be her companions, had hurt this girl.

I pushed thoughts of bloody revenge from my mind. For now I needed to treat her injuries.

Taking some gauze out of a med-kit that had belonged to a human, I bandaged her torn ear, before gathering her up in my arms.

Was she this light because of her race? I tried my best not to jostle her as I moved.



This undeveloped region was known to the humans as the Great Forest of Nunu. As this forest was home to orcs, elves and other such races, humans were trespassers.

But it seemed this land was bountiful in trees for lumber, and the lure of discovering unknown species made it appealing to humans. Because of this, humans working as adventurers accepted requests that brought them here. It appeared my companions had been abducting these adventurers.

I had learned this by piecing together the unintelligible speech of my stupid companions, so I didn’t know the specifics. Only, like how orcs abducted humans, the number of humans kidnapping the elven beauties was increasing. Though, the orc I heard this from had just been happy he had more opportunities to satiate his desires.

This forest, untouched to the human’s perspective, was like the backyard for us who lived here. If I had the time, instead of banging my hips against some woman, I explored the forest. So, I knew the way out.

Carrying the elf girl, I approached a lake shore. It was located at the bottom of a small basin, so only those who were aware of it knew about it.

Finding a tree with a hollow that looked like it would stay dry if it rained, I lay the girl down inside. The tree was large, but not large enough for me to fit.

The girl was doing much worse now than when I had found her. No doubt it was due to the blows she had received. Taking out a clean piece of cloth, I wet it with water from the lake before placing it against her forehead.

It looks like I’ll be nursing her for a while.

[A gentleman’s mentality. He should always strive to lend a hand to women and children in distress. This is the first step to becoming a gentleman.]

This is an R18+ novel, if you want to see chapter 2, I will need to see at least 15 likes/comments on the post. Otherwise, I’m dropping it.

Characters Translated: 3,475


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