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ORC 03 – The Elf, Myuke 2/2 ☆

Though signs of the abuse she had undergone were still visible, her beauty as an elf overshadowed it, so much so that I hardly noticed. Moving my gaze down from her naval, I saw she was shaven. Her slit, which was no wider than the slice a knife might make, was open slightly, revealing its pink, inner color.

Whether it was her body or face, Myuke didn’t seem any older than a young child; though the elves were a long-lived race. She might be twice, no, several times older than myself. At the very least, she was surely past the human age of adulthood.

Swallowing deeply, I traced my finger from the tiny hole in her butt, all the way around to where her clit showed its tip.

“Mnn, it tickles…”

The hole in her butt twitched prettily.

Seeing that, I decided to do something the book had described.

Those who seek to follow the gentleman’s way, will eventually be faced with anal. When this happens, it is best to start by gently massaging your fingers around their hole. If your partner appears to enjoy the sensation, then take it as a sign for you to move inside. A gentleman must always respond to his partner’s wishes!

Myuke writhed from the ticklish sensation of me squeezing her ass. There was no mistaking the sign; she wanted me to play with her hole!

Bringing my face in close to the area between her legs, she seemed to realize what I was planning to do, and opened her legs ever so slightly for me. Moistening my orc’s tongue, which was much longer than a human’s, I shoved it into her asshole.

“Eh, ah…! That’s…the wrong, place!”

Myuke was trying to say something, but regrettably my attention was entirely focused on the hole before me. Moving my tongue around deep inside her warm insides, she shuddered in pleasure. It seems the text had been right. I relaxed, feeling that the path to becoming a gentleman wasn’t going to be so hard after all.

As my tongue tickled her, tantalized her, Myuke’s thighs wrapped themselves around my head. In return, I moved my tongue more wildly, stirring up her insides. She writhed violently in response.

Thrusting my tongue in and twisting it around inside, as one might expect, she started to fall apart. Sliding my tongue out, Myuke, who had been holding back, let out a muffled gasp.

“Ah, no…that’s, the wrong plaaace! Ah, ah! Don’t rub there…fingers…n…nnn!”

As I twisted my fingers into her depths, caressing her insides, Myuke’s hips shuddered. It felt great, watching her enjoy the stimulation.

As I moved my fingers in and out of her ass, I realized I would need to relax her a lot more if my dick was going to fit. I added another finger.

“Noo! Two! Two is, no…mmnn!”

With a sucking sound, she drank in my second finger. Things were going well. Continuing to invade her until she was slippery with her own juices, Myuke’s hips suddenly rose up, as she convulsed.

“Hah, nnnn….ha, aaa.”

Was that a climax? Damn, I was enjoying this.

As her muscles relaxed, her soft hole gaped wide. Taking the chance to slide in a third finger, Myuke cried out in exhilaration.

“Ooh….nooo, no no…..Even though, I just came….nnnnn, uuhha.”

I had three fingers insider her, and if I just waited for her to relax now, I’m sure I’d be able to fit.

“Ngu! Haa…no, no…I’m cummmmming!!”

The sound of my fingers slapping against her wetness grew stronger, and it just went to show how much stimulation Myuke was experiencing. She had cum several times for me already, and I was delighted.

“Ass! That’s the wrong, place! Not my ass! Fron…froooonnt!”

The front? Now that I think about it, I haven’t touched her there yet. I guess she wasn’t satisfied with just this. Luckily, her slit was open; so I went ahead and started sucking on her red, swollen nub.

“Ooooooh! Nooo nooo nooo…….why both….oohhHH!”

She’d get tired if I only played with her clit, right? After sucking her for a few moments, I suddenly thrust my tongue into her pussy. Of course, my fingers continued their work in her ass, too.

“Ah, auuu, nnno! …ah.”

Myuke’s head slammed backwards. The dried tears on her cheeks were probably because of how good she was feeling. Shit, this was fun.

Her ass finally seemed loose enough, so I hooked my fingers against her insides, and pulled them out in one swift motion. Convulsions racked her body as her hole shrank a little, twitching. But it looked like it was wide enough for me to enter.

“Ngyu…..aaaahhhhhh, nononononono!”

Myuke, sensing what was coming, moaned towards the sky above, and I pressed the head of my cock against her hole; before slamming it all the way into her depths in one powerful thrust. At the same moment, I felt a permeating heat and wetness assault me, and couldn’t help but grunt at the sensation of being squeezed tightly. To pay her back, I tried to withdraw my dick, dragging my head out against her insides; but her contracting walls pulled me back, keeping me from running away.

“Ah, ah…I’m gett’n, turn’d…insid, ouuut”



I tried to start thrusting in and out, but there was too much force drawing me in, so by the time I finally withdrew my cock, I had pulled her skin with me, practically turning her asshole inside out.

“Hahhggg! …I caaaame…”

She turned her eyes, clouded from pleasure, to look at me. The drool dripping from the corners of her mouth was overpoweringly raw.

I had been holding myself back until now, but I was at my limit. I wanted to slam my hips against her, grinding into her, and release all the pent-up milky fluid I had inside her.

Myuke, as though sensing what I wanted, pushed her upper body up off the ground, and wrapped her arms around me. My cock was obviously still in her ass, so I felt it as her insides squeezed me tightly.

“You shouldn’t, hold back…lots and lots…remember?”

With that, Myuke’s lips found mine.

“Nngg…nnnnmmm, mmnnnn——!”

My dick had slid out to the tip, so I rammed it into her with all my might. Ignoring Myuke, her hips shuddering with her convulsions, I slammed my hips against her hard, over and over. Changing the angle of entry ever so slightly, I made sure I didn’t forget to stimulate her walls. Only thinking of your own pleasure, was not the gentlemanly way.

“I came! I’m cummmming! Ah, aaaah! I can’t stop….can’t, sssstooop!”

Myuke’s ass continued to convulse, squeezing me tightly, as I finally approached my limit. Thrusting with my hips again and again, I focused all my energy on one last spurt, slamming myself into her wet, melting ass.

Giving it everything I had, I slipped a finger into her pussy, which was gushing white, sticky fluid. She had said it was her first time, so this would be a new experience too. As my finger entered her, I felt something like a membrane in the way.

Even I was against breaking it apart with a finger, so I did no more than gently run my fingertip along her virginity.

As I violated the hole in her ass, I toyed with her yet unsealed virginity. This was hugely arousing, and my finger massaging her secret place gained momentum. As I touched the precious proof of her purity, and violated her asshole, Myuke, as though aroused by the terrible immorality of it all, cried out like a wild beast as fluids trickled from both holes.

I was certain now; the book was never wrong. Seeing how euphoric Myuke was, I decided to never stray from the teachings of this text.

“Nnnn, mmnnn—! No way no way no way, it’s getting biggggger!! Wh, wha…!”

Yep, I was at my limit. Sensing with her ravished insides that I had grown thicker and firmer, Myuke tossed back her head, throwing her golden hair into disarray as she screamed. As I had thickened, my head was bigger than ever, and if I tried to pull out like this, I would catch on the edges of her hole and be unable to. But…thrusting in and out was more stimulating than ever.

“Nnnnyyaaaaaaaaa! Nononononono! I’m gonna die, gonna di…!”

As though to block her hole, I thrust myself in as far as I could; and with one last push, exploded all the semen I had saved up over the past few days deep into her ass.

Reveling in the sensation of barely being able to keep myself stable, I looked down at Myuke, as she had grown suddenly quiet. Her mouth was slovenly half-open…and she was utterly unconscious.

Having emptied myself into the depths of her bowels, I reluctantly began pulling out my still-convulsing cock, slick with our mingled fluids. As I popped out with a soft squelching sound, thick, sticky and viscous fluid flowed backwards out of her asshole, now framed in the likeness of my dick.

Watching her buttocks continue to twitch and her hole contract, and knowing that I had subjugated her; I was filled with a deep sense of contentment, before I collapsed down beside her, and lost consciousness.

……Hope you all enjoyed that (^_-)

Characters Translated: 3,302


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