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ORC 03 – The Elf, Myuke 1/2 ☆

All I could do was wait for Myuke to calm down.

I’d figured all this was deeply upsetting for her, as she had clung tightly to an orc; the elves’ sworn enemy. But when Myuke stopped crying, she looked elated.

“Um, isn’t this too much of a change…?” I asked, unable to bear her hug anymore. For an orc like me, the proximity of a beautiful elf was a huge turn on, but I somehow managed to keep myself under control.

“Didn’t I tell you? Honor is everything for us elves. An elf who loses their honor is no longer considered part of the same race, and usually meets a terrible end.”

“…They really went out of their way to kill you, didn’t they.”

“If all that awaited me was a clean death, then I’d be fine with it. But, all the elves that chased after me were male, yes? Having both ears cut off and being brutalized would still be a better fate than if they had caught me. I’d have lost every shred of dignity I had left.”

I’m an orc, so it was easy for me to imagine. Those elves had come to violate not only her body, but her mind as well.

“But you know, Roote…because of you, I didn’t have to lose my honor. I’m still alive, too. Th, that’s why…umm…th, thanks.”

Her words were filled with a deep emotion. This was the first time anybody had ever thanked me. And to think an orc like me, was being thanked by Myuke, an elf. It felt like I had fulfilled my long-time dream of becoming a gentleman.

“I’m aiming to be a gentleman. It’s only natural.”

“Roote, you are a gentleman.”

The first smile I ever saw Myuke make was so beautiful it caused my whole body to shake, as it burned itself into my memory.

From the core of my being, I wanted to corrupt that smile with the joys of a woman.

Evening came, and we set about preparing for dinner. Myuke was completely different from yesterday, as she kept finding excuses to stick close to me. This caused the spear attached to my lower body to throb painfully, so holding back my urges, I set out to take care of my other beloved spear.

Right now, Myuke was cooking with the wild plants and rabbit meat I had gathered, so she shouldn’t come after me for a while.

After sloshing water over the spearhead and shaft to wash away the sticky elven blood, I rubbed it dry with a cloth. Following which, I rubbed a thin coating of oil over the steel edge. I didn’t have much knowledge in cleaning weapons. Humans rarely tended to their own weapons, leaving those tasks to blacksmiths, so I’d never found a book that talked about it.

With this, my beloved spear was all set.

I took a quick look behind me, and after confirming that Myuke was still stirring the contents of the pot, I dropped my trousers.

To be honest, I was at my limit.

With a face that stimulated an orc’s base desires, she had been completely open with me, as though we were lovers. It was an unbearable situation, but I was a gentleman. I would never go after her in lust. Even so, I was male, and when things were full to bursting, they were really full to bursting.

It had been easy for me to deal with things when Myuke had been asleep.

With my trousers down, I took one more look behind me, and saw that she was still stirring the pot. In that case, I should be fine.

It was really nerve-wracking, stroking my straining cock with a woman so close by. Actually, I think that book about gentlemen mentioned something about exhibitionism, but I wasn’t anywhere near that level yet, still nervous as I was.

My cock was a little shorter than the average orcs, but its thickness was nothing to joke about. As I was still a virgin on my way to becoming a gentleman, I was yet unsure about whether length or girth were more important.

Sure experience would be the best teacher, but I had no plans to engage in the activity anytime soon. The book mentioned that consent comes first, so it looks like I’ll be taunted by my fellow orcs for a while longer.

As my thoughts followed in this vein, I started to sag, growing loose. My arousal calming down was a good thing, I guess. As I tried to pull my pants back up, something reached around me, grabbing my cock.

The white, cool fingers felt good against my skin, and my listless male anatomy began to regain some of its lost vigor. Spinning my head to look behind me, I saw Myuke, arms wrapped around my bent waist, smiling a peculiar smile.

A shudder ran down my back.

“Mmhmm, gotchyuu.”

“W, wait, Myuke, where are you touch…”

Myuke’s slender fingers brushed lightly across my length. Each time her fingers moved up or down, I could feel something gradually surfacing from the depths of my loins.

Without answering my question, Myuke directed her fascinated gaze towards my cock. Not only did her fingers not slow, but it seemed as though her movements were growing steadily quicker…

“You know I’ve been waiting and waiting for you? They say orcs are weak when it comes to an elf’s face, so I’ve been trying to stay close…but you never tried to touch me, so I was worried.”

“Th…that’s because, I was hold…holding, ba…ahhh!”

Myuke’s fingers which had been lightly stroking me, gently squeezed my shaft.

A cry escaped my throat, and I must have seemed easily excited, as Myuke showed a much more bewitching smile, moving around to my front.

Her face was mere inches from the head of my shaft. Just experiencing that view, my hardening member was engorged with blood as it stretched painfully taught. Her breath as she whispered passed softly over the tip.

“You never needed…to hold back…”

“O, of course I did. I’m aiming to be a gentleman. Without consent…”

“It’s fine if there’s consent, then?”

Her fingers which had been squeezing my shaft started to move, slowly. The soft, slow sensations assaulting me were too much, and I tried to pull away, but Myuke held me in her hands, and kept me from running away.

“See, it’s fine? …Roote, I want you. From that moment, when you protected my honor…I’ve always wanted you.”

It was the quiet murmur of a devil. The carnal urges were swelling up in me, and my head rolled backwards.

While trying to keep these feelings contained, I realized something.

I don’t have to hold back…right?

I never voiced that thought aloud, but Myuke, as though she could read my mind, began sliding her tongue across the head of my cock.

“Kind Mr. Gentleman, let’s do it lots and lots.”

Ahh, this…

I’m taking it all.

Seeing me nod, Myuke showed a delighted smile.

I wasn’t sure how things had turned out this way, but if Myuke was okay with it, then I was going to enjoy devouring this girl.

Running my fingers gently through her charming blonde hair, I lightly rocked my hips, brushing the tip of my cock against her lips. That’s all it took for her to cover me with her mouth, and trace the outline of my shaft with her tongue.

The inside of her mouth was quite hot. Yet it wasn’t because her body heat had increased with her excitement, but simply as that was her natural constitution, the same as with her cool fingers.

Filling her mouth with my head, she rubbed it against the inside of her cheek.

“Mnnm…nchu, mmn…nnn.”

Myuke started to move her head with infuriatingly slow motions, so I slammed my hips forward, thrusting all the way to the back of her throat.

Her eyes blinked wide at the sudden intrusion of a foreign object, but she caught on quickly and used the back of her throat as well, bobbing her head up and down on my cock.

She moved her tongue around wildly inside her heated mouth. As though searching for my most sensitive places, she never focused on any one area for too long. I heard the sound of saliva slopping around, and saw some start to escape her lips.

Ah damn. I had been about to masturbate when this started, so it was hard to hold back.

In the book it was also written that one should put a woman’s pleasure first, before their own. So I brushed my fingers against Myuke’s head, bringing her movements to a stop, and slowly slid my cock out of her mouth.

Looking at my dick, glistening with wet saliva, Myuke gave an unsatisfied expression, while dragging her fingers across her lips; it was absolutely devilish. Fighting down the temptation to deep-throat her, I lifted her up into my arms.

“Hyaa! W, What?”

“Let’s go somewhere else. It’s hard to see your face out here.”

Embarrassed, her face turned a bright shade of red; it was so cute, I had trouble imagining it belonged to someone who had so easily taken me in, even when I had gone all the way to the back of her throat.

My sleeping mat was laid out next to a pit I had dug, in which a fire smoldered. It had to be better than laying her out on the bare ground.

That’s when I noticed my mistake.

Kissing is supposed to come first. I had forgotten that single passage.

I lay Myuke down on the mat, and her cloudy eyes looked up at me. A rough sound escaped my throat, and I moved to attack her lips.

I have a pig-like face, but it’s proportions are similar to a human’s. Kissing wasn’t a problem.

Gently…a soft kiss that barely touches…Myuke’s expression changed to one of astonishment.

“Wow, that was surprising…I never though an orc would kiss me…”

I smiled wryly at Myuke, her eyes narrowed playfully. Yeah, I suppose it was a rare thing, as orcs generally never engaged in foreplay.

Once again we exchanged a kiss that was barely a touch, before making it deeper…longer…

Myuke had been delighted at first, but maybe she had grown eager, for she began to trace my lips with her tongue. It would be rude of me not to respond to her anticipation.

We both let our tongues slip out through slightly parted lips, letting their wetness touch.

Once we had our tongues entwined, the rest was easy. We took turns pushing the other’s tongue around, making sure to thoroughly entangle them. Swallowing down Myuke’s saliva, I moved my tongue over her teeth and gums, making sure I left no place untouched within her hot mouth. As though this had pleased her, Myuke entwined her tongue with mine in return.

When we finally moved our faces apart, her mouth was coated with saliva.


Myuke’s breathing was heavy from kissing, and her chest, heaving up and down, was very seductive. It seems she was incredibly aroused, and the clothing she was wearing had managed to fall into disarray. The book had talked about understanding the importance of leaving scraps of clothes here and there, but this was going to be my memorable first experience. I wanted to see and feel all of her, so I put the book’s teachings aside for the moment.

Undoing the wooden buttons, I exposed her upper half. Her fair skin was smooth, and the tips of her modest breasts were a beautiful pink color.

As I touched her breasts softly, Myuke let out a weak moan. My palms, as though being sucked against her breasts, continued to massage the two mounds for a while, before I finally moved to touch her nipples.

“Nnn, mmnnn…”

I traced the outline of her small areolas, before pinching the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. With no more than that, Myuke’s body shook, and her cheeks reddened.

It seemed kneading her nipples so soon had been awkward for her, so I decided to start by licking them. As my tongue moved from the base of her breast to the top, she breathed hotly into my ear.

“Lick me more…?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t hold back anymore.”

Feeling her feverish gaze on my groin, I became a little embarrassed. After all, though I was still working on pleasuring Myuke’s soft body, pre-ejaculate was already leaking nonstop from the tip of my cock.

After her eyes opened wide in surprise, she showed me an affectionate smile.

“It’s okay you know? My first time, I’ll give it all to you.”

Maybe I had been waiting for those words. Realizing that my breathing had grown ragged, I slid off her leggings, undergarments and all. The unfashionable choice of leggings had probably been to keep me, an orc, from seeing her bare skin. But now, as though wanting me to see, she didn’t cover herself; though I could see she was still a little embarrassed.

Myuke’s naked body was…beautiful.

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