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ORC 04 – Clumsy Words ☆

I awoke to the sensation of Myuke, who was in a scandalous state of dress no respectable woman or child would find themselves in, pressing herself tightly against my back. It might be from overexerting myself yesterday, but the muscles around my groin and hips were terribly sore; though oddly it was a rather refreshing feeling.

I guess others of my kind wouldn’t be able to poke fun at me anymore. Then again, I had no idea if gaining experience using the butt would count as graduating from being a virgin.

While I was enjoying the sensation of Myuke’s soft body against my back, I realized that staying like this for any longer would cause my loincloth to become problematic, so I gently disengaged myself from her embrace and sat up.

A gentleman must always take his appearance into consideration. After washing myself thoroughly in the lake and returning to where I had left Myuke, I realized she had woken up, as her sleep-filled eyes were trying to focus on me.

Actually, it almost seemed as though her gaze was filled with a deep, sultry emotion. It was a little too lascivious a look for someone who was supposedly still half-asleep.

“Did I wake you?”

“Mmmnnn, it’s fine. I was planning on getting up anyway. Gotta make breakfast for my husband.”


Again, she was acting differently from the day before. I mean husband…? Well, I guess I don’t mind. After all, in the book it states that the more women a gentleman loves, the more he can manifest his true worth; and I’m quite happy to have such a cute Elf girl so infatuated with me. If she’s going to call me husband, then I’d best love her with everything I have.

After I finished eating the meal Myuke had prepared for me, she snuggled against me, and I brushed my hand against her back, caressing her.

“Myuke, what are you going to do now? If there’s someplace you have to go, I’ll take you there.”

“Nnnn…my countrymen have all chased me away, and my ear looks like this. I’ll just be run out if I go to another Elven village.”

“Well, if so, then how do you feel about coming with me?”

“Is that really okay? I mean, I can’t use very strong magic or anything…”

“Hahaha, The thing is, I’ve no intention of forcing a lady to fight. I’d be glad if you were just there beside me.”


Oh no, Myuke started crying. Flustered, I tried to comfort her, but she just shook her head from side to side, tightening her arms around me. It seems she was happy. Understanding a woman’s heart is a terribly complicated thing indeed.

We shared a quick kiss, and Myuke grinned a wide grin.

A ways away from the basin and the lake shore, I was walking through the forest as I had when I’d first left that cave where the Orcs lived. I carried my beloved spear and a sack of supplies; if there was anything different, it was that an Elven girl held my right hand in hers.

It had been morning when Myuke, with no place to go, and I had decided to travel together.

For the moment, we had no plans to enter the domains belong to the humans, so we headed deeper into the heart of the forest.

Myuke, pressed tightly against my arm, was in high spirits. But the twitching of her good ear told me she was still watching our surroundings carefully. The ears of Elves were very good, so it was very reassuring.

No aggressive beasts appeared, and perhaps it was because of the peaceful mood, but as I felt Myuke’s lithe form pressed up against me, I couldn’t help but replay the events of the previous day over in my mind.

Not good. Walking together as we were, I didn’t want to embarrass her with the bulge forming between my legs. I tried hard to rid myself of such destructive emotions, but with her clinging to me as she was, it was very difficult.

Just as I thought about what I could do to keep her from noticing, I realized her gaze was slowly moving towards my groin. By the time the thought ‘damn!’ crossed my mind, it was already too late. Myuke’s slender fingers were caressing me from atop my trousers. As she rubbed my manhood, she tilted her head to look up at me with fierce desire in her eyes.

Her pretty face drew closer and closer, and before I knew it her lips were pressed against mine. The gentle kiss didn’t last long, as soon she parted my lips and drove her tongue inside.

Unable to resist her twining tongue, I fought back by running my own tongue along hers. The inside of her mouth was hot and…somehow comfortable; the kiss lasted a long time.

While the kiss we shared was long and deep, this was not a cave or the hollow of a tree. If things continued to heat up, we’d be unable to hear what was going on around us.

Peeling myself away from Myuke’s suckling earned me a look of deep dissatisfaction.

“Pleease…more, I want to kiss some more…”

“Here now, if it’s kissing I’ll do it however long you want, but we’d definitely end up going all the way, right?”

“Nnnm, I’ll hold back. I’ll hold back, so pleease…”

The sultriness of her behavior led me to distrust those words. I mean, her fingers massaging my groin weren’t even slowing down; actually, her movements were growing quicker. There’s no way she could hold back…

We might get attacked by some wild beast, but there’s no help for it. In that case, I’ll just have to enjoy her as much as I can.

Falling down right there in the middle of the forest was out of the question, so this time we remained standing. To tell the truth, I had been holding back for quite a while now. Only a day had passed since losing my virginity, and I couldn’t forget the sensation of having all that saliva and viscous fluid enveloping my cock. Even so, if I had thrown myself upon her because I’d been unable to control myself, I’d have been no different than any other Orc. So, I had managed to maintain self-control, beating back my own instincts; but with Myuke this far gone herself, there was no need for me to hold back. It would be dangerous if we didn’t finish quickly, so the best course of action was one where we both threw ourselves into satisfying our own frantic urges as feverishly as we could.

Removing our clothes would mean dressing later, and as that was rather annoying, we settled for just taking off each other’s clothing below the waist. Myuke went for my rugged trousers, and I went for her leggings. Though I say ‘take off’, it was more like pulling them down far enough to reveal the necessary places. Now that I think of it, Myuke had been lamenting her lack of wardrobe choices. I guess girls really do pay attention to looking nice, huh? In that case, I am going to have to find a way to make some money.

Myuke was latched onto my mouth and wasn’t about to let go, so I slid a finger across her slit, causing her hips to jolt, before pressing my finger against her softness. Thanks to Myuke curling her palm around the head of my cock and rubbing in small circles, I was already in battle-mode. All I had to do now was put it in, but before that…I wanted to try something I hadn’t been able to do yesterday.

The mentality of a gentleman. Even when making love, two people who love each other need stimulation. A gentleman needs to be able to use his words as well to fulfill his partner. In other words, ‘verbal humiliation’.

I wasn’t entirely sure what verbal humiliation meant, but I guessed it was a kind of verbal teasing; so I gave it a try.

“Huh? That’s odd…Why are you so wet? I mean, I’ve barely touched you so far.”

“Th, that’s because…nnnmm! You’re touching me, Roote…!”

“Yeah, but only a light touch? I haven’t traced your lines, or churned up your insides yet, but you’re still dripping all over; maybe you don’t have any endurance?”

“Yeah but, yeah but….!”

Like I said, I held my hand against her secret place, unmoving. Even so, her slit had begun softening as she came undone. Her hips were grinding against my finger, trying to elicit whatever pleasure she could find. This child, when she let go she really fell apart; it was the perfect affinity for an Orc.

“Well, it seems like I’ll have to teach you a lesson then. We can’t have you walking around town when you might burst into a fit of passion now can we?”

“Don’t punish me, pleease…I’ll hold back, I’ll hold back, so…”

After letting the juices flowing out of her cover my fingers, I rammed them into her ass. Though I hadn’t touched her hole until then, it was soft and pliable, and I was able to fit two Orc fingers in to their limit. I covered her mouth with my free hand so she wouldn’t be heard, but that lovely scream which escaped her lips was so piercing, it made my efforts useless. At this rate, any manner of wild beasts would be on us soon. I’d better hurry.

Still covering her mouth with my hand, I stirred up the insides of her ass in a way to make sure she kept making sounds. I suppose I could keep sloppily messing up her insides as I was, but my dick was at its limit from Myuke’s relentless rubbing.

“Alright, it’s time for punishment. Put your hands on that tree over there, and bend over.”

I wonder if I was too commanding? But I relaxed upon seeing Myuke take up a position following my orders.

As she stuck her butt out for me, my fingers played with her hole as I traced the lines of her slit with my rock hard, blood filled cock. It was an amazing sensation, having the tip of my dick touching her clit, which was just barely visible. Tearing my fingers out of her ass in one swift motion, I pulled her head around and cut off the bestial moans rising in her throat while entangling her tongue in mine.

Even though it seemed like a painful position, with her butt sticking out and her head turned towards me, she didn’t show any discomfort. Instead, as though she liked tonguing like this, her eyes were glazing over.

It was really odd. Somehow, I felt this wasn’t turning out to be much of a punishment.

It might be a little rough, but without saying a word to Myuke, who was engrossed in the kiss, I rammed my cock balls deep into her ass in one fluid motion. Her eyes which had until then been glazing over with pleasure opened wide, and an endless trail of saliva began drooling from the corners of her mouth.

“Huh? You didn’t just orgasm, did you? Having a cock slam forcibly into your ass makes you feel really good?”

An Elf was usually straight-laced, so this gap was really good fuel for my groin. She had been all over me since yesterday, but I’m sure she’ll go back to normal eventually.

Each time I roughly slammed my hips against hers, Myuke’s legs wobbled. Her insides tightening around me told me that our copulation from the day before had caused her to grow accustomed to, even so far as to gladly welcome in, a foreign object ramming into her suddenly.

“Nnn! Mmm…nnnggu!”

It would be bad if the loud sounds she was making were heard by some wild beast, so I was still covering her mouth, but to tell the truth I really wanted to hear her moans. I wanted to feel her raw pleasure at how good my fingers and cock were making her feel.

In a sudden, swift movement I pulled myself back out, barely leaving the tip of my dick remaining inside, which caused Myuke’s eyes to snap open once again. It was great feeling her tongue, which was still entwined with mine, begin moving around frantically. So, I slammed myself back inside her with all my might.

“Ah geez, this isn’t turning out to be a punishment for you at all. I can’t believe your such a pervert who can enjoy themselves with their ass. In that case, how about this?”

Continuing with my piston motion, I pushed my fingers into her pussy and caressed her hymen.

“Nn…nnm! Nnuu…mmmn!”

Seeing her tossing her head back and forth, shivers running along the course of her back, was absolutely adorable. Sliding my fingers shallowly in and out the opening to her pussy, I continued digging into her ass with my cock.

There were fluids leaking out of both holes by now, and each time I slammed into her they splattered all over.

As I pushed downwards into her tightly coiled insides, her body shook. I must have stimulated her womb from the walls of her ass. Continuing to work my way deeper, Myuke’s quivering grew more and more intense, and with it the force of her insides gripping me also grew in ferocity.

“Gaah…I’m coming!”


As I made a last ditch effort to push as hard as I could against her womb, I let go with everything I had, draining my semen down into her. As I came, Myuke’s quivering stopped, and her body grew limp. I frantically moved to support her, as apparently, she had just lost consciousness.

So this was verbal humiliation. It was a bit trying, but that was far outweighed by how fun it was.

As it was, I couldn’t just keep going, ignoring Myuke’s unconscious state. Yeah, I wanted to keep moving my hips until I was spent, but a gentleman always made sure his partner was enjoying themselves.

Sliding my still stiff cock out, a large quantity of semen came gushing out with me. Th, this is…it’s okay if I do it again, right?

Unable to hold back, I once again pushed myself into her ass, causing her body to tremble and her eyes to snap open.

She was conscious again, so it’s fine now, right?

Each time I released a new load inside her, she blacked out, then as I thrust inside her anew she woke, until I came insider her again, causing her to lose consciousness yet again. I continued punishing her until I was fully sated.

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