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ORC 05 – Forest Exit

It was as though the punishment was completely ineffective.

Well, it was something I’d said in the heat of the moment, and maybe that was the problem, as Myuke was glued to me now much more than she had been previously.

I am a male, after all, and when a cute girl acts like she wants to be coddled and cossetted, I can’t help it if my hands start petting her all over; which was probably part of the problem.

Each time she indulged herself in being pampered by me, we would end up finishing. Sure I could have refused her, but the teachings I followed said to respond to a woman’s pandering; though more than anything else, I simply wasn’t able to hold back.

Hearing her cute voice, and seeing her melted expression… When I did try and refuse her, she showed such a hurt expression that I was given no choice but to do it.

The way I see it, we’ve both lost the ability to control ourselves. For me, it was because I had just started to experience how pleasurable sex really was; and it seemed that was true for Myuke as well. How can I put it…it’s like we had become wild beasts.

As I hated the idea that I, who was following the path of a gentleman, should revert back to being just an average Orc, I had tried to keep in control of myself by limiting my interactions with Myuke, but it seems this had produced the opposite effect; as on the morning of the third day, I was assaulted. I’m talking about sexually, of course.

It had been a dangerous thing too, as I had very nearly taken her virginity in the middle of the wilderness. Forcing Myuke, who was coming at me with her well-endowed, lithe form, down onto the ground, I managed to avoid taking her womanhood by messing up her asshole instead, until she fainted.

After this, I learned that I should never force a woman to deny herself, so I let Myuke indulge herself in me. Still, I managed to cling to the fragments of reason, and avoided losing myself completely.

But, I was an Orc; and I had just learned how great it felt to fuck. While I wanted to slide inside her ass and spend myself until I was empty, I held back and focused on fucking her brains out until she lost consciousness…but day by day my unsatiated desire was growing, and this worried me.

If I had to say what the problem was, then it was probably that Myuke’s coming on to me ended with us going all the way, which meant that we weren’t making much progress moving through the forest. There were wild animals living in these woods, and there were a fair few that wouldn’t miss an opportunity to pounce on unwary prey. It was because of this that I wanted to get clear of the forest as soon as possible, so each time after I caused Myuke to black out, I ended up carrying her until she woke.

I had heard once from my fellow Orcs, that the sex drive of an Elf was rather weak; but it seemed this was just downright untrue. It was more like, Elves were not such sexual creatures that they would sink deeper into the throes of desire from being forcibly raped. To put it differently…after an Elf accepted you, those beautiful faces would be saturated with pure, unadulterated sluttish lust. Leave it to the demonic race of Orcs not to notice this, and only focus on their own desires and pleasures.

But all these worries would end today. The two of us, with Myuke practically wrapped around my arm, were fast approaching the forest’s exit.

I had never before gone farther than this, so leaving the forest would be the first true step on this journey I was on. Apparently it would be Myuke’s first time leaving as well, and she was itching with curiosity to see how other races lived. Considering what she had been through, I was happy to see her looking forward to something.

“Uhm, Roote…it looks like the sun is about to set, so shouldn’t we start making camp?”

“No need. I’ve heard there’s a city right outside the forest, so my plan is to stay there tonight. Are you tired?”

“No…I’m okay. Even without an ear I’m still an Elf. I can keep going.”

“You can indeed.” Looking at her beaming up at me, I couldn’t help but feel how unbelievable this change was. In particular, I was having trouble believing how something so beautiful could possibly be so coy with me.

“U, uhm, Roote? When we arrive in the city, we’re going to stay at an inn, right?”

“That’s the plan. I have some money, and I’d like to sleep somewhere that’s off the ground for a change.”

“I, I see. In that case…uhm, well…”

Is she okay? she’s red all the way to the tip of her healing ear. If she wasn’t feeling well, then I needed to hurry things up. While waiting for Myuke to untangle her words, I couldn’t help but notice her face was growing a deeper shade of red, and her eyes were starting to shimmer.

“Tonight, uhm…I want you to do it lots and lots. I like your fingers, but I really want…that is, I mean…”

I can’t believe I made a woman voice something I should have noticed already…I was still quite the novice. Taking into account what she’s said so far, I had a pretty good idea what it was she wanted.

“Please, let me apologize first. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back myself. I might end up making you soaking wet…”

“Hnn…that’s fine. Let’s do it lots and lots, ‘kay?”

Her expression should be illegal. Her cheeks were a deep scarlet, and the look she gave me with those shimmering eyes was enough to cause even the greatest of gentleman to buckle.

I swallowed down the urge to strip Myuke right then and there, somehow managing to hold myself at bay. That was close.

It was rather easy to spot the forest’s exit, as it was simply where the treeline stopped. In the end, we managed to avoid any overly dangerous situations, and what was supposed to be just me leaving the forest, ended up being us. The sun had almost dipped below the horizon, and we needed to procure an inn for the night, but at least there was no need to rough it tonight.

“Woah….it’s huge.” Myuke said, amazement recognizable in her tone. I nodded ascent.

The city was situated right on the edge of the forest. The size made a huge impression on Myuke, who had just left the forest for the first time. Called the city of Nunu, it was the only location of its kind that connected the forest to the outside world, and as the traffic passing through was enormous, so too was the number of people who came to live and work here; which is why it grew into such an enormous settlement. To tell you the truth, I say enormous, but as I’ve never seen any other places besides this, I couldn’t really give you an accurate account. I was basically just a country bumpkin from the depths of some cave. Actually seeing it was completely different that just reading about it in books.

Calling out to Myuke who was still gaping, we finally stepped foot into the city of Nunu.

It really wasn’t an exaggeration to describe the city as the connection point between the forest and the outside world; it was crammed full of more people in one place than I had ever seen in the woods, and though the darkness of night was fast approaching, the city was alight with the energy of all sorts of people. I felt keenly just how different it was from the countryside.

For now, we needed to secure lodgings, but Myuke had frozen, straddling the border separating the two worlds. It didn’t seem like the jam-packed streets were the cause; it almost seemed like she was trying to hide her shortened ear…

“Uhm, hey Roote…You think it’s okay? For me, I mean…” Following her gaze, I saw she was looking towards someone from the Elven race, who had both ears perfectly intact.

I screwed up. With all sorts of people coming and going, it was obvious we might chance to see an Elf or two. They are a race that values their pride above all else. As the Elf passed just before us, Myuke recoiled, perhaps recalling the events that had driven her from her home. She must have suffered some very deep wounds at having been driven out of her home by her friends and family.

She looked about to cry, and watching her nervously stroking her shortened ear, I gripped her gently.

“You needn’t worry.”


“It’ll be okay. Myuke, you’ve done nothing wrong. If anything happens, I’ll be there to protect you.”


“If anyone says anything derogatory about you, I’ll beat them to a pulp.”

“I believe you would too. I’m okay now, thanks.”

Let me handle it.

Gripping her hand tightly in my own, we proceeded on into the city, shoulder to shoulder.

With the curtain of nightfall draped across the sky, we finally found a place to stay. We had visited several inns along the way, but they had all been full; so we had been forced to continue walking through the streets of an unfamiliar place. Since I came from a race that had high endurance, I was fine; but as for Myuke, who was extremely nervous at being in such a place as this for her first time, seemed to be having difficulty. She looked exhausted.

A little ways off the main street, there was an place called the Forest Exit Inn. It was a little in disrepair, and it didn’t appear to be very lively. But the old-timey structure looked properly cleaned and cared for, and the well maintained flowers in the flower bed were a sign that it wasn’t closed, but still there was a gloomy atmosphere around the place. Still, the sun was gone and it would be impossible to keep searching for another inn; especially as there would most likely not be any vacancies.

Opening the door, light streamed out. At the same time, a chime affixed to the door tinkled, and I heard the sound of hastening footsteps coming from the back.

“I, I’m so sorry! I didn’t think we’d be having any customers tonight!” The speaker, a woman who was bobbing her head up and down in apology, had round ears. Her height was on par to that of an Orcs, and adding in the shape of her ears, she was most likely related to the Werebears. Both male and female had powerful frames; a complete contrast when compared with a kind-hearted Orc.

Still, as the Werebears dislike confrontation, they lived lives as far away from strife as they could; and there were a fair amount who decided to run an inn like the woman standing here. Though, she did seem a little young in my own opinion… Maybe in her late teens? It would be rude to prod, so I put the matter aside.

“Uhm, so you’re looking for a place to stay…yes?”

“Yes, that’s right. Do you have any vacancies?” Appearing shocked at witnessing an Orc speak, she scrutinized the two of us. Thinking about it logically, there was no way an Elf would be going along with an Orc, their sworn enemy, so I understood her surprise. That said, being ogled as much as we were, it was a little perturbing; and Myuke had moved to hide behind my back.

I couldn’t help but feel this Werebear female wasn’t very used to the job of an innkeeper.

“Uhm, the room…?”

“Ah! Yes, they’re available! They’re all so empty I’m actually having trouble keeping the business going!”

I guess that means they were all vacant, then?

“So, how many rooms would you be wanting? I’m sorry, but would the two of you happen to be a married couple…?”

I couldn’t help but feel I was being tested. The two of us were enough to make any innkeeper uncomfortable, and there was no doubt I was being seen as the evil incarnate, who was holding an Elven girl captive and forcing her to obey. But in reality, we were in a relationship where we cared for one another. I hadn’t had the chance to really voice it aloud, but this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

I was a man. I should puff out my chest proudly.

“She is important to me. We’re a couple.” I felt Myuke rubbing her face into my back; maybe I had just embarrassed her?

“I, is that so. In that case, one room is fine?”

“Yes, that would be fine.” She seemed really out of sorts. I guess it really just looks like I’d abducted her. It made me feel a little glum.

After being shown to our rooms, the Werebear, Oline, very kindly prepared dinner for us. As I had expected from my observations of the inn’s outer appearance, there weren’t any other customers; so it may have been that she just wanted to dispose of some of the vegetables before they went bad. Of course, it wouldn’t be proper to only accept her hospitality, so in thanks I gave her some salted rabbit meat I had. It was a feast to my eyes to see Myuke and Oline dressed in aprons and happily cooking together.

While I went out to a tailor to buy an outfit for Myuke before the shops closed, they had apparently grown quite close. I didn’t like seeing Myuke with an uneasy expression, so this gave me some peace of mind.



When I opened my eyes, I saw that Myuke was curled up next to me, breathing deeply. Running my eyes over her, I realized just how much smaller she was that the average Elf, who were relatively lean and tall. But her fingers and legs were still long and slender. Thinking back on my home, I couldn’t recall any Orcs that had held such a girl as this.

There was a single, large bed, a round table and two chairs; the room was spacious and thoroughly scrubbed clean.

I had heard from Myuke that Oline’s parents were living out their retirement in the countryside, and that she had taken on the task of keeping the Forest Exit Inn up and running.

But it was strange that with an innkeeper as lovely as Oline, there were no customers. There should have been a great many male customers drawn in by her femininity, not just Orcs of course; but there were none about. Something seemed off here.

Having opened her own eyes sometime during my musings, Myuke turned her gaze to stare intently at me. If she kept looking at me like that, I was sure to assault her, but today wasn’t a day for holding back. In the end, after walking around searching for an inn, and talking with Oline about all manner of things, her exhaustion had hit its peak, and before long she had been fast asleep. Because of that, my groin was stretched hard this morning.

With the way she was strewn about on top of me, I was caught in between both her thighs, but she only continued to gaze at my face, immobile.

“Myuke, is something the matter?”

“Hmmm…it’s nothing. Just that, I was thinking about how reeeealy happy I am right now.”

“Hahaha, I’m happy I got to meet you, too.”

With that, I moved to graze her lips lightly with my own, but for some reason Myuke went scarlet, all the way to the tips of her ears. I could tell she was fighting desperately to keep from grinning stupidly, but she was losing the battle. Finally giving in, she started sucking on my lips and tongue.

Not content myself with just a light brush of the lips, I dove my tongue into her mouth a little aggressively. As I did, her expression softened, and she violently twinned her warm tongue around my own.

I decided to make up for what we had been unable to do yesterday. Myuke too seemed to be of the same mindset, as she began to reach out with her slender fingers set on wrapping around my tent pole.

Just then, the sound of an angry shout reverberated from downstairs.

Well, this one was a little more on the vanilla side, which I hope you guys (and girls? maybe?) enjoyed.
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