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Added Calendar for Release Schedule

So, there have been several requests to implement a calendar function on the site, so people have a better idea of when I plan on updating / releasing new translations.

So, I gave in to popular demand, and found a plugin that does this really, really well! It has a clean interface, is easy to peruse, and is easy to update.

Remember though, I can’t say for certain yet how well I will be able to keep to the scheduled dates; but that said, having a set goal on the site should help keep me motivated to balance life/work enough to give me the time to meet the goals I will be setting for myself.

Let me know what you think! (You can find it by clicking the “Release Schedule” link in the main menu bar)

As always, I appreciate any feedback you can give, and will work to make the site easier to use and blah blah blah… If you want, you can check out my SoundCloud (soon-to-be-Youtube) to listen to audio-recordings of the novels I’m translating (thinking of picking up some others if I get a good enough mic/sound recording setup in order).
*Patrons get first access to audiobooks as a benefit, which keeps the translations available to everyone.

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Thanks again, and enjoy the new calendar!


Living in Japan, studying mechatronics and translating light/web novels when the mood arises.