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BSDS 013 – Persuasion

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With several onlookers surrounding her, the redheaded Sylvia stood with arms folded and hood thrown back, her indignation plainly evident.

The long red hair beautifully reflected the morning sunlight. Looking at the pale-white skin of her face, I was again struck by how beautiful she was.

“No matter what you say, rules are rules.”

“That’s what I’m telling you!”

Sylvia scrunched up her face in exasperation at the stiff response of the guild’s workman.

“I’m a member of the magician’s guild, not the adventurer’s guild. So there’s no reason for me to follow your rules, okay?”

“Not so. This dungeon itself is under the jurisdiction of the adventurer’s guild, as I have repeatedly made clear to you. Even members from the magician’s guild have to follow these regulations.”

They were locked in a stalemate, and the largely-built male adventurer in light blue plate mail was acting as arbiter.

“Sylvia, these are the rules, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Let’s come back after we’ve considered our options.”

“You just shut it——!”

The force of her storm was now directed at the arbitering adventurer.

“I’ll say this as many times as I need, but——”

The guild workman, who was a head taller than Sylvia herself, literally looked down at her as he continued.

“This dungeon has been saddled with a four-man party regulation since yesterday. A party of just two, won’t be getting in.”

——I see. It looks like they were arguing about their situation, which was the same one we were in.

With things being the way they were, I had a sudden idea.

Only, Grace, who seemed to have sensed my intent, shook her head in negation. It was something I had felt at the magic shop, but it seemed Grace had something against this Sylvia woman.

Still, for the time being, if we gave up we would have to regroup and try again later. That basically just meant we had to dig up another two party members from somewhere, and if we couldn’t, we wouldn’t be able to begin.

Just how long would it take before we were able to enter the dungeon?

I examined both Sylvia and the largely-built adventurer. For now, I wanted to see if their skill was high enough to be worth teaming up with.

Sylvia Aerhart
29 (04)
HP: 1134/1134
SP: 2712/2840
Strength: 215 (10)
Endurance: 280 (13)
Fortitude: 645 (09)
Magic Power: 1233 (35) +102
Agility: 311 (61)
Dexterity: 279 (80)
Evasion: 426 (45)
Luck: 803 (32)
Attack: 237 (+22)
Defense: 387 (+107)
Fire-Attribute Magic 7
Earth-Attribute Magic 5
Item Buff Share 3
Spacial Magic 4
Debuff 5
Daily Magic
Concentration 2
Magic Control 4
Fortitude 4
Disease Resistance 3
Magic Recovery 4
Language of Harland
Fireburst Witch
Rule Breaker
Sexy Queen
Magician’s Guild Member
The Tan Staff (ATT +22) / (MP +102)
Black Robe (DEF +33)
Magician’s Tunic (DEF +74)

Clive Orland
25 (22)
HP: 3810/3810
SP: 313/313
Strength: 633 (50)
Endurance: 841 (33)
Fortitude: 403 (29)
Magic Power: 32 (19)
Agility: 280 (91)
Dexterity: 354 (02)
Evasion: 121 (31)
Luck: 328 (32)
Attack: 724 (+91)
Defense: 1184 (+343)
Earth-Attribute Magic Resistance 4
Martial Skill 2
Swords 3
Shield DEF +5
Shield Bash
Taunt 4
Magic Defense 1
Fortitude 6
Debuff 6
Sleep Resistance 4
Pain Resistance 6
Disease Resistance 4
Self-Recovery 1
Language of Harland
Quest Seeker
Clancy’s Disciple
White Longsword (ATT +91)
Plate Armor (DEF +313) : Set Effect
Plate Shield (DEF +30) / (Shield +2)

This was a little surprising.

“I’ve got no qualms about their abilities.” Turning to Grace, I let her know my thoughts.

“But——” Grace knew that I was somehow able to see things that couldn’t be seen. Yet it seemed her reasons for objecting weren’t related to whether she believed me or not. With her gaze lowered, Grace told me the reason.

“Will she really be able to work together with us in a fight? I’m a little uncertain she can…”

“Yeah, actually that worries me too. But if we don’t do something, we won’t be able to enter that dungeon——” Grace remained silent at that.

Watching her response, I sighed, then told her of a way we could compromise.

“Let’s do this then. We’ll group up with them in order to enter the dungeon. But, if they don’t seem willing to work with us, we’ll disband.” Grace let out a long sigh in response, showing me she had resigned herself.

“——Alright. It’s true there’s nothing we can on our own here. I’ll leave the rest to you, Kei.” At hearing those words, I reached out and place a hand atop Grace’s head in consolation. At my touch, Grace closed her eyes, smiling.

I moved towards the guild’s workman and Sylvia. Grace came a little after, trailing behind.

As I neared them, the largely-built man turned around, noticing my approach.

“Sorry for this, we’ll be finished soon——”

The large man, Clive, seemed to have thought I was here to complain about how long he had kept the guild’s workman tied up. Without asking for a reason, he had just apologized to me.

“Ah, no, that isn’t it. You’re a group of two, right? Then maybe you’d be willing to team up with us?” Shocked at hearing those words, Clive looked at me. Sylvia too, who had been talking with the workman, turned at that. As soon as she saw me, Sylvia seemed to recognize we had been the two customers at the shop yesterday.

“Oh my, aren’t you two…? Did you finish the beginner’s books already then?” She chuckled at us. I noticed as she turned to face us, that underneath her black robe she wore a red tunic, which was low-cut and quite revealing. It was also very short.

As I looked, maybe it was because of her arms being crossed, but her bosom was lifted up and seemed about to spill out. I hadn’t noticed from seeing just the black robe, but this put her in the same league as Grace——

The distinct sound of someone clearing their throat behind me brought me back to my senses. I moved my gaze away from where it had lingered, to stare up at the sky.

——I felt a killing intent coming from behind me.

“F, for now, we’re just a group of two as well. If we join up, we should be able to enter the dungeon.”

“——Uh, yeah…” Clive seemed to be having some trouble keeping up with this new turn of events, but Sylvia smiled complacently.

“I like the sound of that. Well then, let’s go ahead and register. Equal distribution of rewards sound okay?” It was good the talk of teaming up had gone so smoothly, but I couldn’t just say “Sure, sounds good” so quickly.

There was one condition I needed her to accept first.

“I have one condition for us teaming up.” At those words, the smile vanished from Sylvia’s face, and her eyes narrowed. ——She was most likely waiting to hear what I had to say next.

“I’ll be the party leader. ——If you can accept that, we’ll team up. Otherwise, we won’t.” At my request, Sylvia took a moment to consider, but almost immediately reverted back to a complacent smile.

“——That’s fine with me. But in that case, I’ve got a condition too. If I’m not happy with your performance, I want to be able to leave whenever. That alright?”

——Well, it made sense. It was within the range of requests I had anticipated.

“Okay, that shouldn’t be a problem. We’ll go with the equal distribution of rewards. Anything leftover, we’ll decide by flipping a coin. Sound good?”

“Yeah. ——Please me with your performance now, you hear?” With that, Sylvia looked me up and down, staring intently. Having a beauty such as her staring at me with that upturned gaze made my heart thump in my chest. Was this a “honeytrap”?

After having the guild’s workman register the four of us as a party, we wasted no time in heading into the dungeon. Looking at Grace, I noticed she must have steeled herself, as that dark expression from before had vanished.

The guild’s workman had mentioned to us that this dungeon hadn’t been explored enough to separate it into different courses.

The dungeon had been discovered quite some time ago, but had remained closed for a long time under the orders from the country’s government.

During the long time it was closed off, the internal structure had shifted, with several places within the dungeon being sealed off my magical locks; so there were a host of places that had yet to be explored.

Having so many unexplored sections meant that there was a high chance of digging up some amazing loot, but it also meant there was a high chance of encountering unknown dangers.

It was permitted to unlock the doors sealed by magic, assuming you managed to find the key, but there was a high probability that strong monsters lay in wait on the other side, and quite a number of parties had lost their lives to such.

Grace and I, along with Sylvia and Clive, stepped into the first open chamber within the dungeon. As we did so, Sylvia turned around, and said,

“We haven’t really given our names yet, have we. Should we do some simple introductions?”

I was about to agree to the idea, but we were in a dungeon now. Just to be safe, I wanted us to be prepared for battle.

“Sure. But before the introductions——” I cast Might, Protection, Speed, Concentration, Breath of Body and Breath of Magic on myself. After finishing, I placed the same enchantments on Sylvia, Clive and Grace, in turn.

“Alright then, how about those introductions now.” Nodding at Sylvia to go first, she looked at me, eyes wide.

“You——you’re an enchanter then.”

“Kind of, yeah.”

Actually, I became one yesterday. But I couldn’t say that. Grace, who knew the truth, had been grinning for a while now…

“This is the first time I’ve been enchanted like this——it’s really amazing.” Clive’s expression was bright and excited. He seemed honestly impressed.

“Hmmm, well well…I guess things will be interesting after all.” The corners of Sylvia’s mouth curved upwards, as she smiled excitedly.

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