Translating & Voice Recording Great Japanese Light/Web Novels

Amaterasu CH 1 Part 3

–Toyohime no Mikoto.

At this time, she was the Protector of her people, the 《kegai》, who were being pursued by Yamato.

Later, she would become the master of the heavens where the 8 million gods gather, wielder of the divine power of the sun and responsible for her country’s defense as the founding god of divine Japan, gathering deep faith from far and wide.

Yet that great goddess is, at this time, nothing more than a degenerate, powerless deity.

Her worshipers amount to nothing more than a small tribe of less than a thousand.

But, a short while before she meets a certain young man and her fate begins to change…


Amaterasu – Prologue

In current day Japan, Tokio...the lamp of the imperial capital―― Before an interviewer from America, the young goddess Amaterasu speaks. "Well then, let us talk of him." Our tale takes place in ancient Japan, during the dark ages of the 4th century―― It is an age where mysteries and visions have yet to be composed into legends.